Medical Statements

Medical Statements

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Independent Physicians

Independent Physicians have been a pivotal part of our business for decades. With many doctors begin acquired by large hospitals and medical it is getting harder for independents to know where to turn to for help in running the day to day operations of their practice. We understand exactly how we can be of assistance. Let us show you all of the service that we have to offer your practice.
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Hospital Statements

Being part of a large medical group or hospital comes with several challenges but fortunately being painted into a corner on your statements does not have to be one them. Postal Pros offer a complete line of custom choices for your layout and design. We work with your software vendor to provide you with everything that you want and need on bills and can print them in any color combination you would like.
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As our population becomes more and more tech savvy the need to provide your customers with paperless billing options is only going to increase. We can help your practice accomplish this and still exceed all HIPPA guidelines. With e-statements from Postal Pros, not only are you making your patients happy, you are saving yourself time and money too.

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Medical Billing

DataPulse is a full service medical billing service that is also a division of Valli Information Systems. Our medical billing service offers many advantages including reduced cost for statement production and even free Practice Management Software. Our billing team is certified through the AAPC and has an average of over 14 years of experience in the industry. Best of all of our support is always 100% U.S. based. Short-term and long-term contracts are available so we can help you for as long as you need us.
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Online Payments

Make it easy for your patients to pay their balance over the internet with our Online Payment Solution. Our graphics team can create a payment portal for you right on your existing website that even looks and feel exactly like your current site. Now your patients can pay their bill any time they want to and you do not even have to be in the office.